Shift Light pro

HealTech Electronics
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1. With true color SMD Power LED. Can be seen from the corner of your eye.

2. Flash rate, Duration, Brightness and Color are fully adjustable for up to 3 different RPM thresholds.

3. Can be programmed as a shift light for sport bikes and race cars, or as a low/optimal/high RPM range indicator for touring bikes and other vehicles.

4. Set up through your Android phone/tablet or a Windows PC via BlueTooth connection. Quick, easy and fun to use! Switch between saved profiles with a few taps.

5. The smallest shift light module in the world (30 x 20 x 13 mm).

6. One unit fits all motorcycles, ATVs, cars and other vehicles.

7. Rugged design, 100% waterproof. 2 year warranty.


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