KettenMax Chain Cleaner / Lubricator

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Have you ever been frustrated when it comes to cleaning and lubricating your drive chain, creating an enormous mess to your bikes, your hands, and your garage?
Well KettenMax is the answer! The KettenMax system allows you to both clean and lubricate your chain in an enclosed environment, so no messy residue is release. The special internal brush system both cleans the chain thoroughly in a safe manner, and then allows you to lubricate your chain, getting the lube in both the right places and in the right consistency.

  • The lubricant is applied extremely sparingly and precisely to the inside of the chain where it is needed most and brushed in.
  • Throw off is drastically reduced to a minimum.
  • Considerable lengthening of the service life of the drive chain.
  • In a matter of minutes both the chain and pinion are cleaned and lubricated.
  • Cleaning agents are sprayed onto the chain exactly where required. Thannks to the brush segments complete and careful cleaning of the chain, O (X) rings of the chain and pinion is ensured.
  • Contaminated cleaning agents and excess lubricant is collected via a drain and can be disposed of in an envirnmentally friendly manner.
  • No contamiination of tyres, rims, frames or roadways.

1. Preparation

  • Jack up the motorcycle.

  • You must be able to rotate the rear wheel by hand.

2. Adjust lateral cleaning
(side cleaning)

  • To the width of the chain.

  • Mark brushes (13/3), tip distance to correspond to the chain roller width (see picture).

  • Cut brushes (13/3) to desired size by means of scissors.
Mark brushes

Cut brushes

3. Positioning KETTENMAX

  • At an easily accessible point, connect upper and lower tank above the chain and secure with O-ring/clip.
Positioning Kettenmax

4. Hanging KETTENMAX in

  • On one side, hang the hook (large) at an easily access- ible place on the frame, footrest or kickstand (depending on the type of motorcycle)

  • and on the other side (hook small) in the hanging perforation on the KETTEN- MAX, aligning it with the chain.

  • Connect both hooks with the cord.
Hanging in 1

Hanging in 2

5. Cleaning the chain

  • Spray a controlled dose of cleaning agent (conven- tional agent suitable for sealing rings) into the box by means of spray bottle, screw top with hose connection spout, connection hose and spray nozzle connection at the chain run inside of KETTENMAX (top box).
  • At the same time, slowly turn the rear wheel (the chain will be drawn through the KETTENMAX) to ensure gentle overall cleaning.
Cleaning the chain 1

Cleaning the chain 2
  • If the chain is very dirty, the process can be simultaneously carried out using the Y-manifold and
    short connection tubes.

  • The chain must be dry to ensure optimum adhesion of the lubricant.

6. Lubrication the chain

  • Spray the lubricant (con- ventional chain sprays) over the lubrication adapter at the spray brush connection (at chain run out of KETTENMAX (upper tank) in a controlled dose.
Lubrication the chain
  • Simultaneously, rotate the rear wheel to ensure that the lubricant accurately coats the important inner side of the chain and is evenly distributed by the brushes.

  • Contaminated cleaning solution and any excess lubricant must be drained into a container and appropriately disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

Never rotate the rear wheel when the motor ist running and a gear engaged!

After completion of cleaning and lubrication, remove hanging hooks (hanging cord) and KETTENMAX.